CAP Implementation and Support

Implement corrective measures. 

Identify compliance issues or the need for an independent review organization.

Ensure effective resolution and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our Methodology

Once Corrective Action Plan or an Independent Review Organization is needed, there is no stronger partner than us.  

Identify cost-effective actions to correct error causes.

Develop and implement plans to enhance your processes, improve effectiveness and efficiency. 

Achieve measurable improvements in high-priority areas.

Eliminate repeated deficient practices.


Our retired OIG agents have years of experience working closely with the Office of Counsel to the Inspector General (OCIG) on compliance tools. 


Our team possesses a deep understanding of reporting requirements. Our years of experience working with OCIG have enabled us to effectively communicate in their language.

Partnership with law firms

Our ability to partnership with law firms enhances our capacity to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and ensure optimal outcomes. 

Take proactive steps towards compliance and efficiency.
Contact us today to initiate your Corrective Action Plan (CAP) implementation with confidence.