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Episode 73: Is Covid Really Over? 

Eric, Matt, Jaysen and Wade discuss the ongoing issues with COVID related investigations.  They focus on the changing policies, ROI for investigations, nuanced issues in data and the fraud triangle, as we see it. 

Our Elite Team

Jaysen Eisengrein

Jaysen Eisengrein

About Jaysen:

Jaysen is a seasoned professional with 45 years of experience in healthcare program integrity. Currently serving as Special Director in Charge at Advize Health since 2022, he specializes in both internal and external projects, leveraging his extensive knowledge to combat fraud and abuse in healthcare programs. Prior to his current role, he directed significant initiatives such as the Unified Program Integrity Contract for the Western Jurisdiction and CMS’ Medicaid Integrity Contracts. Jaysen began his career with the US Department of Health and Human Services, investigating fraud cases and eventually leading national investigations. He holds an MBA from National University, a Graduate Certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell University, and a BS in Criminal Justice from Thomas Edison State University. In his personal life, he enjoys residing in both Arizona and Maryland, engaging in activities such as boating, traveling, and volunteering.

At Advize, we are profoundly privileged and deeply honored to have Jaysen as a pivotal asset within our esteemed team. His unparalleled expertise and remarkable track record in healthcare program integrity bring immense value to our organization. With immense gratitude, we recognize his exceptional contributions, which significantly elevate our capacity to address fraud and abuse within healthcare programs.

Matt Kochanski

Matt Kochanski

About Matt:

Matt is a highly respected professional with a 35-year career focused on combating fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare. He has held significant roles at HHS OIG, NASA OIG, and as a CMS program integrity contractor, demonstrating unparalleled expertise. Matt pioneered the first health care fraud training course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and served as the HHS OIG liaison to the NHCAA, emphasizing collaboration in fighting fraud.

In leadership positions such as Program Director at HHS OIG and Deputy Assistant Inspector General at NASA OIG, Matt has consistently demonstrated strategic vision and a results-driven approach. He has also embraced digital platforms, sharing his knowledge through podcasts, blogs, and white papers.

Matt’s ongoing contributions at Advize, where he has been for over a year, showcase his dedication to industry advancements and driving meaningful change. We are honored to have Matt as an integral part of our team at Advize, where his wealth of experience and dedication to combatting healthcare fraud make invaluable contributions to our mission.

Wade McFaul

Wade McFaul

About Wade:

Mr. McFaul retired from a distinguished 24-year career with the HHS-OIG, where he served as a special agent for approximately 14 years, leading numerous complex health care fraud investigations across various sectors. In his final decade, he held the role of Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Region, overseeing resource allocation, staffing, and operations. Mr. McFaul’s responsibilities included managing large-scale projects and collaborating closely with multiple agencies and entities. Post-retirement, he contributed his expertise to investigating Medicare Part D Prescription Drug fraud cases with the National Benefit Integrity before joining Advize. Since joining Advize, Mr. McFaul has served as a Subject Matter Expert in fraud investigations and audits, guiding clients through CMS audits, audits by government intermediaries, and private insurance carriers. He recently completed over two years of service on a client’s MCO SIU. Prior to his federal service, Mr. McFaul served in the United States Marine Corps and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from California State University.

His distinguished career with the HHS-OIG, coupled with his unwavering dedication to combatting healthcare fraud, brings invaluable expertise and leadership to our team.

Eric Rubenstein

Eric Rubenstein

About Eric:

Eric Rubenstein is a seasoned retired federal law enforcement officer with 25 years of experience specializing in white-collar crime investigations, particularly within federal healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Throughout his career, Eric has demonstrated success in complex criminal investigative management, resulting in significant financial restitution and numerous convictions related to healthcare fraud matters. He brings extensive trial experience and has served as a presenter and trainer at various training academies and conferences. Eric has also contributed his expertise to projects such as the IBM UCM project and the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP), providing subject matter expertise in fraud, waste, and abuse matters. Additionally, he offers consultation services to law firms and providers on compliance-related issues and serves as a subject matter expert for litigation purposes. His wealth of knowledge and expertise significantly strengthens our team’s capabilities in combating healthcare fraud and ensuring compliance within the industry.